The Kosovo Incident

A Novel

Richard RomfhAn Air Force surgeon in Kosovo finds himself framed for killing and mutilating Serbs and Muslims. These atrocities become known as The Kosovo Incident.

On 19 December 2000, at a closing U.S. NATO base, sniper fire rips into an airman. Col. Jim Weber—Blackfoot Indian and former Marine sniper, now a crusty, outspoken, out-of-step air force surgeon—operates to save the wounded man. Weber rushes his patient to the last helicopter. The chopper takes the patient aboard, but overloaded and under sniper fire, it lifts off, leaving Weber behind. Dodging a hail of bullets, Weber flees into the snow-packed Sâr Mountains. To survive, he reverts from healer to warrior.

Ratko Rakočević, a radical Christian militant and commander of the terrorist Kosovar Škorpiani Militia, tracks Weber and leaves in his wake a trail of mutilated Serbs and Muslims.

NATO pressures the U.S. to capture the renegade colonel and put him on trial. During his escape, Weber battles Ratko’s militia and elements of the Serbian Army. He discovers the frame up, but has nowhere to safely flee, for returning to the U.S. without proof of innocence could lead to a court martial and execution, or life imprisonment. Only one person might be able to save him: Simonida, the terrorist’s wife.

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